Utburd_staaende-1DIRECTOR:Astrid Thorvaldsen

Script: Jonas Langset Hustad

Actors: Jenny Kaatz, Jonas Langset Hustad, Marte Ingvild Stordahl, Jørgen Hunstad, Asbjørn Røen Halsten


“Myling” is the myth about the children abandoned in the woods to die. Adrian is trying to depict this tale of old in his second novel, but he is suffering from total writer’s block. He joins childhood friend Kristine and three other companions on a cabin outing to get away from the writing. But when they get to the woods, he tells of the legend. Suddenly the group isn’t so sure anymore: is “Myling” really just an old ghost story?

AstridThorvaldsenAstrid Thorvaldsen holds a Master of Film and Video Production from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. She directed the short film The Party(2013), which have been to several festivals abroad. She also directed the feature film Myling: The Myth Awakens(2014) as a part of her final exam, which premiered in Norwegian cinemas last November. She have recently directed the short horror The Intruder(2015).