Written and Directed by: Michael Madsenthevisit


This documentary-style film shows how government agencies try to cope with human mankind’s first contact with alien life.






Framegrab Director Michael Madsen speaking the myth

Framegrab Director Michael Madsen speaking the myth

Michael Madsen is a director of several documentaries a.o. the Award-winning To Damascus – a Film on Interpretation (2005) and founder and artistic leader of the Sound/Gallery, a 900 square meter sound diffusion system underneath the Town Hall Square in Copenhagen, Denmark (1996-2001). Selected art projects include: Audience (van Gogh#7), design of SPOR 2007, festival for new music and sound art; and Public Service (van Gogh#6) Phase 1: Idea and concept for a new music library in Odense, Denmark. In addition, Michael has been guest lecturer at a.o. The Royal Danish Academy of Art, The Danish Film School, and The Danish School of Design.